Here’s what people are saying about Plan-It Payroll . . .

“I like using Ann Halavick with Plan-It Payroll for my client’s payroll needs because:

  • Outsourcing my client’s payroll to Ann is a cost effective way for me to service my clients’ payroll needs;
  • Plan-It provides expanded solutions such as direct deposit and time clocks that I could not offer my clients;
  • The payroll is accurate and on time
  • The online reports and QuickBooks interface allow me to keep my client’s books and records up to date.”
    — Katie Ihndris, Monarch CPA Services

“The personal service we receive from Plan-It Payroll is defined entirely by Ann Halavick. Ann’s attention to us has been nothing short of astonishing. From our first meeting to her last email, she has been terrific to work with, and the immediacy with which she responds to our smallest inquiry or question is beyond notable. Ann is accessible, professional, attentive, efficient, fast, accurate, friendly, and focused. And, Ann’s communications always have crystal clarity.

We are entirely satisfied with Plan-It Payroll. Having our payroll handled for us by Plan-It Payroll has exceeded our expectations, and certainly made our lives easier.”
— Barbara Sobol, Italy Source

“I would personally recommend Plan-It Payroll services to any of my clients. I have been completely happy with the customer service that Plan-It brings to us. I never have to worry about any payroll issues because Plan-It always takes care of them.”

— Will Bowen, Gold’s Gym of Charles Town

“Even though I only have two employees, I save a lot of time and risk by using Plan-It Payroll. I save time because doing payroll on QuickBooks is not very user-friendly, and it’s easy to make mistakes. I reduce risk because I know all the proper tax and employment forms are submitted accurately and on time.”

— Dave Whalen, ValPak of the WV Eastern Panhandle

“Pre Plan-It Payroll, I hated paydays because it took me hours to do payroll. As a business owner and a mother, I don’t have the time. It was scary, the thought of turning over such a responsibility to someone else, especially because it was my money and my taxes. Ann made it less scary. She is always professional, organized, and on top of everything. Plan-It Payroll has been a huge relief. Now instead of hours, it takes minutes for me to sign checks. Ann has a customer for life”.
— Kimberly Lanager, Tri-State Moving and Storage