Time and Attendance

Reliable timekeeping is easier than you think.

Using Time and Attendance services from Plan-It Payroll makes payroll easier on you because you no longer have to re-key all your employees’ information, gather it together and compute the total number of hours. All that is done automatically and accurately.

Plus, the system makes it virtually impossible to submit inaccurate time data, eliminating the temptation for employees to steal time. So, you can avoid the thousands of dollars in lost profits, overtime, taxes, and benefits that time-theft costs the average company every year.

Employees are issued electronic Plan-It cards, which allow them to clock in and out through the terminal as they arrive and leave. If employees fail to clock in or clock out, you are notified by e-mail or fax, or you can check online.

Our system stores transactions between downloads. Data is automatically downloaded directly to your Plan-It Service Center or to¬†Employer OnDemand¬†and is processed and stored nightly. With this information, you can view reports that will help you keep an eye on your staff’s efficiency.

The day after your pay period ends, your timekeeping reports are ready, without you having to do any manual calculations. Once we have your approval, all you have to do is sign the checks and your payroll is done. It couldn’t be easier.

Our Time and Attendance service:

  • Offers simple clock ins/outs; clock in to specific location, division, department, or job numbers
  • Records breaks and lunches
  • Enables tip recording and job tracking
  • Integrates fully with our payroll system-eliminates time spent keying in and manipulating data, and there’s no third-party risk because information goes straight into a payroll database
  • Imports time and attendance information electronically from point of sale systems (POS system must export file within Plan-It specifications)
  • Allows employees to choose English or Spanish

Additional Features:

  • Service includes on-site installation and training
  • Clock is portable and can travel to the worksite
  • Plan-It cards work with barcode wands, guns, and other CCD devices for clock and job number entry


The system ensures that overtime is calculated and reported accurately so you always maintain FLSA compliance.


Our flexible reporting system allows you to view time and attendance reports daily or whenever you choose. You’ll have access to:

  • Time and job reports that are easy to read and use
  • Historical timekeeping information
  • Time and attendance reports securely and conveniently located on the Internet