Human Resources

Services you can rely on for the people you rely on.

Whether you’re managing just a handful of employees or the staff of a large corporation, our Human Resources services make it easy as can be. Every aspect of Human Resources-from applicant search through termination-can be administrated with point-and-click simplicity.

And our Human Resources services are not only quick and easy to use, but reliable and affordable, too.

Employee Tracking:

  • Workers’ Compensation information
  • EEOC, military, union information
  • Benefits enrollment, COBRA administration
  • Performance review tracking, attendance and discipline management
  • I-9 and W-4 tracking and printing
  • Track education, training, skills, and community service
  • Advanced medical, wellness, and drug testing tracking
  • Fully integrated employee termination wizard
  • Detailed termination tracking
  • Track company assets

Benefits Administration:

  • Set up unlimited benefit packages
  • Enter deduction, eligibility, company match, and carrier information
  • Manage benefit costs

Job Tracking:

  • Job descriptions, educational requirements, minimum age and experience
  • ADA compliance

Applicant Tracking:

  • Schedule interviews
  • Record interview details
  • Enter applicant vital information, education, references, and training
  • Job-offer tracking

Applicant Wizard:

  • Applicant completes printed or electronic application
  • Integrated with Applicant Tracking

Company Information:

  • Track vital company information and celebrated holidays
  • Set up company information at three levels: division, location, and department
  • Use the pre-generated reports or create your own custom reports